Brand Awareness Doesn’t Always Require A Direct Brand Connection

by Melvin Ram on May 4, 2013

Building brand awareness is an important component of marketing, particularly if you don’t have a set of effective inbound marketing strategies, such as PPC & SEO. When thinking about Download wordpress themes strategies and tactics for building brand awareness, you can do the direct brand connection route where the brand is prominently featured. Three examples of this are the Will It Blend, Old Spice and the Dollar a Day Shave Club commercials/videos:

Will It Blend

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


The other road you could go down is where you build brand aware through association with something else that is interesting, inspirational, famous, funny or otherwise attention grabbing. Usually, you’re tapping into a subject matter that is bigger than your brand. It’s a lot riskier because you’re not focused on driving sales. Instead, you’re shaping perception. Chrysler has done this superbly with their last 3 superbowl commercials.

Halftime in America

Detroit – Eminem

Jeep – Whole Again

A few others that do this well:


Apple – 1984

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