Grab Attention

by Melvin Ram on September 13, 2009

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Grab attention on your website home page or they’ll leave.

The Internet is a fluid medium. Within seconds, someone can go to Google, look something up and arrive at your website. And just as quickly, they can hit the back button. If they don’t find what they came looking for, they’ll leave and probably never come back. So don’t dilly dally with BS. Grab their attention with what they are looking for.

A simple way to determine if you’re grabbing attention is to look at your bounce rate. A bounce rate tells you what percentage of people who came to your website immediately left. If you don’t know what you’re bounce rate is, you need to get your website setup with an analytics system. Google offers a free system called Google Analytics that will give you this info, together with other useful bits of info like what keywords people used to reach your website, what other websites are driving traffic to your website, etc.

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