Make It Easy To Find

by Melvin Ram on September 30, 2010

If you have a link or a button on a website and it’s not easy to find, it might as well not even be on the page because to the visitor, it practically doesn’t exist. Take the “YouTube Partnership Program: Welcome” page from YouTube:

It explains to me that one of my videos has become popular (a modest 3,000 views) and that I can sign up for revenue sharing. Great. I’ve always to learn more about the process that is involved. It tells me all the steps and says “Let’s get started …”. Sweet… let’s do it. Wait, how do I get started? I re-read the instructions in-case I missed something. Nop, I didn’t miss anything. Right as soon as I was about to say “forget about it” (in New York style, mind you), I saw something in the corner of my eye.  It’s a link that says “Next Page >” in the bottom right corner, right above the footer links. Let’s review where my eye was expecting it and where it was:

Why would they have it so far from where you’d expect the link? Did they just not think about it? Do they want to discourage revenue sharing?

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