Motion is a simple, dark WP theme meant for personal blogging. It’s colorful, widget-ready, with lots of transparency features. It works out of the box with no mandatory configuration.

You can try it out live right here and download it here at the official repository (version 1.0.3). users – please note:

Motion was recently (Feb. 2010) made available for users of While I’m very happy about this, please note that I don’t have full control over this version of the theme and the way it is updated and maintained. If you have requests and feedback about that particular version, or questions on how to edit your site under the options, it might be a good idea to use the support forums.

View the attached readme file for a changelog of updated versions.

Features include:

  • Ready for WP 2.8.6+ (backwards compatible to some point…)
  • 5 widget-ready areas
  • Threaded comments (WP 2.7+)
  • Drop-down categories menu
  • Gravatars enabled in comments
  • Valid xhtml and css (some css only valid as css 3)
  • Tested on Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome 2+ and IE8, IE7 and IE6 (some transparency features disabled)
  • Tested and ready for the wp-pagenavi plugin for better navigation

Frequently asked questions:

How do I change the sidebar and footer modules?

You can do so using widgets. Go under the Appearance tab in the WP admin panel and locate the Widgets link under it.

How do I display a page full-width? And with sidebar?

By default, pages on this theme display without the sidebar. Pages in this theme cover the full-width of the site by default. You can however enable the sidebar very easily by choosing the appropriate page template from the screen in which you edit your pages. In WP 2.8.6, simply go to the right of the screen and find the Attributes tab. Under it, find the Template menu and click on the drop-down to see the page templates available. Choose the one called Page with Sidebar.

Can I modify this theme?

You are certainly welcome to modify this theme to your taste! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to show me the result!

Do you have this theme in other color schemes?

Not yet. However, if you have a dark background image you like, it is easy for you to change that and it will change the look of the site completely with little effort. Simply override the bodybg.jpg image included in the theme.

Licensing and Terms of Use

This theme is released under a GPL license. It has been tested with the most popular browsers and on the latest WordPress version when released, with a number of popular plugins and widgets. It is provided as is, with no guarantee, and functionality with 3rd party applications is not guaranteed. You are free to use this product for personal or commercial use and on as many sites as you wish.


There is a subtle credit link back to this site, in the footer. It’s a way to acknowledge the work done by the author (me!) and help spread the word about the open source initiative and community behind it. I think it makes sense. If you really wish to take it out, and still wish to show support, please consider making a donation of your choice or using use as your WordPress host.


If you have questions about the theme, you can contact me using the comments below. I’ll do my best to track issues related to the theme, but please note that I can’t offer detailed customization instructions right here. You can also try out the official WordPress support forum, particularly if your question relates more to using WordPress than using this theme.