Pixel is a free template to use with the WordPress cms. It features a 2-3 columns layout and sports the following goodies: dropdown top menu for categories; customizable feedburner field on top right (optional – requires feedburner ID); widgets all around (6 positions); footer navigation and a transparent look.

The divisions are all made to fit standard ad formats and the welcome message on top right can also be customized through the admin panel – no need to mess into the code. (That piece of code was previously developed in part with Tim Holt, whom I highly recommend)

The theme has been tested and is compatible with IE6 (tolerated), IE7, IE8, FireFox 2+, Opera 9+ and Safari 3+.

Download: You can download the theme from the official WordPress directory.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I display my own Feedburner subscription form?

To display your own email subscription form, go to the WordPress admin panel and find the Appearance tab. Under it, locate the Theme Options link; click on this link and follow the instructions. (And don’t forget to enable email subscriptions from your FeedBurner account as well!)

How do I change the sidebar modules?

You can do so using widgets. Go under the Appearance tab in the WP admin panel and locate the Widgets link under it.

How do I display a page full-width?

There is a page template included in the theme for this. To enable it, when editing a page (not a post), find the Attributes menu (WP 2.8.6) and then choose the page template from the dropdown (identified as Page full width).

Can I modify the background image? How?

You are certainly welcome to modify this theme to your taste! You can download the PSD file for the background over here for free.

Do you have this theme in a white version?

No, not at the moment. I do have a few other themes in the works though that will be easier to work with than this one, as far as customizing the color scheme.

Licensing and Terms of Use

This theme is released under a GPL license. It has been tested with the most popular browsers and on the latest WordPress version when released, with a number of popular plugins and widgets. It is provided as is, with no guarantee, and functionality with 3rd party applications is not guaranteed. You are free to use this product for personal or commercial use and on as many sites as you wish. However, please refrain from using this product on sites promoting illegal activities.


There is a subtle credit link back to this site, in the footer. It’s a way to acknowledge the work done by the author (me!) and help spread the word about the open source initiative and community behind it. I think it makes sense. If you really wish to take it out, and still wish to show support, please consider writing a review.


If you have questions about the theme, you can contact me using the comments below. You can also try out the official WordPress support forum, particularly if your question relates more to using WordPress than using this theme.

If you’re interested in Pixel for Blogger, you may wish to have a look at this one or this one… (please note that I am NOT responsible for those!)