Unethical Marketing

by Melvin Ram on January 23, 2010

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Marketing is a conversation you’re having with your marketplace. When you engage in unethical marketing where you are misrepresenting the products or services you are offering, you are lying to your market.

Unethical marketing is wrong by definition but usually it isn’t a life or death matter. Subjective statements like “the most delicious” are suggestive enough to influence opinions but vague enough that it’s not directly a lie. However, in the case of Jim McCormick and his ADE 651 product, the unethical marketing stepped over the line into the realm of pure EVIL.

McCormick’s company sold a device called the ADE 651 that could detect explosives from over a 1 kilometer away. It gained tremendous success, bringing in over $125 million of sales in Iraq alone, selling for about $40,000 a piece. The only problem is that the product is not capable of detecting explosives at all. It is simply a cheap anti-shoplifting device. You can imagine the effects this device has had on it’s customers who acquire a false sense of security due to this device.

The thought alone makes me cringe on how someone could come up with the scheme to mislead people in such a drastic way just to make a profit. In my books, this is right up there with the marketers of cigarettes and Hitler’s propaganda.

I’m so glad that the entrepreneurs that we deal with everyday at Web Design Company are genuinely attempting to help, heal and serve others.  You all are a special group. I hope we continue to be fortunate enough to work with generous & ethical people like you and never encounter someone like Mr. McCormick.

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komal dhakate August 8, 2012 at 11:41 am

It’s wrong to promote the unethical marketing because ,we are educated but the people living in towns and villages where they are not able to know full details of the product that they purchase and may cause harm ..

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