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by Melvin Ram on December 13, 2009

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I really like how WSJ allows you to view top posts in the same category as the one you’re reading in a very simple way. I wonder if it’s something that a lot of people end up clicking on.

The reason I find it interesting is that a user might enter your website on one of the content pages from a Google search, read what they need and leave. When they do this without viewing any other pages, it is called a “bounce”. You’ll hear web conversion guru’s use the term bounce rate from time to time. All it means is that certain percentage of visitors to your website leave right after they view the first page. If you can keep a user on your website for a longer period of time, they are much more likely to remember your website, subscribe to your mailing list and even come back.

In the near future, we’ll be introducing a new web design for our website and shortly after, I’ll be sure to test out whether this widget ends up getting used. If it does, we’ll post our results in this blog and make the WordPress plugin available to everyone. Stay subscribed!

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